board room.

War room.     


business lodge.

A good idea can become a great one in the right setting. It might even become brilliant if you’re breathing high desert air, feeling the warmth of 290 days of sunshine flanked by 10,000 –foot snow-capped mountains that beg you to come out and play.

Brookswood is where board meetings, off-sites and team retreats meet skiing, fly fishing, mountain biking, paddle boarding, 26 golf courses and 31 microbreweries (at last count). We may be a small Oregon ski town but we’re fully connected to the outside world with high-speed fiber.  

Meetings begin in Pre’s Cafe downstairs or in front of our 30-foot lava rock fireplace, and usually end around the shuffleboard table or one of our fire pits where small batch Oregon whiskey and craft beer wind one day down and prepare for the next.


Bend, Oregon